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Success Stories

East Bay College Fund

"ScholarSelect has brought our scholarship program into the digital age. Now we rely on and easily manipulate our on-line application data, which streamlines all aspects of our selection process. ScholarSelect's customer service is impressive - their Q & A response is lightning quick and they're always willing to help solve problems unique to each client. I've referred other nonprofits to ScholarSelect and they share my positive experience and enthusiasm about ScholarSelect's product and staff. ScholarSelect continually improves its delivery and menu of client products - they are a dynamic, cutting edge organization that will benefit any organization's selection process, from creating the application to awarding the recipients. ScholarSelect gets 10 out of 10 from me!"

- Co-Founder and College Counselor

American Health Information Management Association

"We are absolutely thrilled with the application! We can see the power of technology and software instantly. In the old days of paper, we wouldn’t have a clue on the number until three days after the deadline when the FedEx envelopes would arrive. This is truly amazing and the Board of the Foundation was thrilled."

- Senior Manager, Grants and Sponsored Programs

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity

"We find the service easy to use and administer, and the ability to customize the application questions made ScholarSelect the perfect tool for our program. As such, we've expanded it to other parts of our organization and they have been just as pleased!"

- Director Alumni & Philanthropy Programs

San Angelo Area Foundation

“We chose ScholarSelect in the winter of 2009 to be our “on-line” scholarship application provider and we are so happy we did. We awarded over 300 scholarship each year and the program has been very easy to work with and to customize. The staff at ScholarSelect has provided outstanding support and I would highly recommend this product.”

- President & CEO

Luckyday Foundation
University of Southern Mississippi

"ScholarSelect has been more than simply a way to get our applications online, it has given us the ability to monitor applicants and conduct dynamic evaluation processes in a sustainable fashion. We have saved time and headaches with ScholarSelect. No longer do we have to account for user keystroke errors on our end as we translate information from paper applications to a database. ScholarSelect is intuitive, easy to use, and has streamlined our process. Applicants and evaluators alike have commented on how easy ScholarSelect is to use. I have been thoroughly pleased with ScholarSelect as our online scholarship application and evaluation solution."

- Director, The Luckyday Citizenship Scholars Program

Texas Tech University - Graduate School

"Our scholarship process for students and evaluators has streamlined considerably since we started using ScholarSelect. Their team is always helpful and flexible to our support needs."

- Development Officer

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

"I cannot say enough good things about ScholarSelect ! With a 47% increase in scholarships over the past two years, our organization had been discussing an on-line process – but was highly concerned about flexibility, security and the cost to develop such a program. ScholarSelect met all our criteria to manage the on-line scholarship application process: the flexibility to customize applications; secure access for all applicants, recommenders and selection committees; and with a more than reasonable fee structure. In addition there are automatic e-mail communiqués to applicants, invaluable spreadsheet data, paperless storage – and above all, excellent webinar training and support. ScholarSelect greatly increased our number of applicants and easily halved the time spent handling hardcopy applications. We now actually look forward to double-digit expansion in our scholarship program."

- Scholarship Coordinator

Beta Phi Mu International Library & Information Studies Honor Society

"Compared to the old paper-based system, the ScholarSelect online process makes it a breeze to assess, compare, and rank applications. It’s also easier for applicants to initiate the process. Using ScholarSelect has proved to be a very positive step for our organization."

- Chair, Scholarship Committee

Carmel Education Foundation

"Carmel Education Foundation was looking for a way to streamline our scholarship program of 70+ different scholarships while using a single scholarship application form. ScholarSelect was the solution we needed, and provided such features as the ability to create lists of students eligible for each of the 70 scholarships. Both the public interface and the administrative functions were easy to use. I especially appreciated the ability to be able to e-mail deadline reminders to students who had yet to complete their on-line application. As a small foundation, we relied upon the expertise of the ScholarSelect staff to help us build the on-line scholarship application form, answer our questions about functionality, and provide world-class customer service. ScholarSelect listens to customers’ recommendations for improving the features and functions of its programs. We will be using ScholarSelect to build our first on-line grant application form for teacher grants."

- Executive Director

Cerritos College Foundation

"We and our students really like the features of ScholarSelect as our foundation manages many scholarships with different requirements and deadlines. Plus, ScholarSelect is easy-to-use and they continue to make it better and better."

- Scholarship Relations

Phi Delta Theta Foundation

"ScholarSelect is a flexible, adaptable scholarship program that has been viewed favorably by our Foundation as well as our applicants and scholarship judging committees. It conforms to the needs of specific scholarship applicants"

- Administrative Assistant

Centralia College

"ScholarSelect provides excellent support. They are very responsive and they will work with us and our applicants to resolve any problems. Plus, we appreciate their on-line support site to help us with our questions."

- Scholarship Coordinator

Kaiser Permanente Asian Association

"Our first foray into the world of online scholarship applications was with ScholarSelect. We received tremendous support from ScholarSelect with timely responses to my many questions and unbelievable patience as I and our Scholarship Committee experienced the online process for the first time. Thank you ScholarSelect for creating a stress free experience for us!"

- Kaiser Permanente Asian Association Scholarship Chair

American Institute of Steel Construction

"ScholarSelect has definitely made my job easier! As the administrator of our scholarship program, I was impressed initially with how simple it was to set-up the application. The staff that I've interacted with have always been accommodating and pleasant to speak with. Our applicants and evaluators have few critiques, and periodic updates made to the system are always helpful improvements. It is a consistent, reliable system that I plan to continue to use year after year."

- Education Specialist